Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Semana 62 in Moyobamba (March 30th, 2015)

This week passed faster than you can say disaster. But it was another good one!
We have a new workout routine to get back in shape. I mentioned to you that Moyobamba is built on a mountain right? Well there's some stairs that lead allllll the way up the mountain and that's our new morning exercise. There's 413 steps and we've come to lovingly know them as 'las escaleras de satanas'. Google translate.
We're happy to announce that Hermana Jorge accepted a baptismal date for the 18th!! Yay! But we've got a LOT of barriers for hurl over before that date sneaks up as far as chastity and word of wisdom go...but he's doing really good. Came to church on sunday super excited with his niece and also his nephew who is like 38.  It was great having them and Kristal his 13 year old niece loves church and wants to do her personal progress and even went out with the young women sunday to visit the less actives in the branch! She is worried about being baptized for what her family will say but she's super cute. Hermano Jorge has his baptismal interview this week and we're hoping that will help him with his progress. So far I can see a HUGE change in him, and he can too--he tells us everyday that he is truly changing and repenting, poco a poco!
We're also teaching a young less active family called Familia Chacon. They are hilarious! I love visiting them and on Sunday the entire family came and Claude (the wife) brought her 16 year old sister Hanni who we've been teaching. Hanni is really great but her mom is not supportive (understatement). But I love these guys, and the dad always calls us ´chambonas´. Not really sure why but it makes me laugh every time.
Can I repeat how awesome our branch is? It fills the requirements already to become a ward so we're going to be seeing some great things here in Moyo!  The members are so so great, it's the best branch council I've ever had, alll the members are involved and take part in caring after the less actives converts and investigators. There's just a really awesome spirit here.
On Sunday we went to Rioja...I don't know if I mentioned but Zone Moyobamba is the only zone in the mission that is split up over like 4 different pueblos..so to get to the other areas you have to drive between 25 minutes to and hour.  Rioja is another little town that has a branch and everyone in the zone went to doa blitz on sunday...which means that every missionary pairs up with a member and we go out and do visits to help them grow their branch their. Rioja is super tiny and cute, we were able to find some people to teach for the elders there, and now I'm best friends with my companion, a member from Rioja, Hna Marizol...she's loca but super funny.
Anyway not much else going on, Hermana Tituaña's doing great. She's flying to Lima today to do her visa papers so I'll be working with members and staying the night with the other sisters.
One thing from my personal study: So something I've discovered in my mission is that I can measure my success as a missionary based on the presence of the spirit in my life. If I feel it abundantly throughout my days, I know that what I'm doing is good. If not, then I've got a lot to improve on, whether it be dilligence or obedience. Well, I think it really applies to life in general. When we feel the spirit abundantly in our lives, we are on the right track in our eternal progression. Even though we may still be committing errors, if we are repenting regularly and doing what we should, we will have the spirit. If we can't feel it, something is wrong and we need to stop doing the things that offend the spirit, however big or small they may be, because in the end these things are only holding us back.  This is one of the spirit's purposes, to help us measure and know if we are on the right track.

Well, that's all I got.

Love you guys!

Hermana Benyo

 We decided to embrace Hermana Tituaña's culture on Sunday so we went to church in traditional clothing from Ecuador!

Doing visits in Rioja

My member companion, Hna Marizol

Me and a duck...it peed on me as I was taking this and then I dropped it....It was okay though

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