Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Semana 58 in Moyobamba, Peru!!!! (March 2nd, 2015)

So cambios happened....
And I'm in Moyobamba, Peru!!
The PARADISE of the mission. That´s what it´s known as and it is so true in every possible meaning of the word. YOU GUYS. I am obsessed with my new area I could write a book about it,
Okay, so to get to Moyobamba, you have to fly to Tarapoto and from there drive about 2 and a half hours through green jungly mountains....Okay for all you who know what a nature/outdoor/mountain fangirl I am, I was pretty much freaking out the whole drive because it is so beautiful. The City....well, town. It's tiny tiny and I am falling in love with it so hard.  Surrounded by green mountains on all sides, and the city itself is super elevated on top of a mountain. Not to quote Demi Lovato, but I'm closer to the clouds up here.  Oh, and remember how I was talking about how last week in Iquitos was the hottest week in my whole mission? well, I think God listened to my prayers because here in Moyobamba it is a constant 77 degrees. It is amazing. I sleep with a BLANKET at night! NO FAN! And you wisconsinites would all make fun of me, but I've been walking aroud the last three days with a coat on.  Basically it's an only Elders zone, there's only 4 hermanas here, so my whole mission I've heard all the Elders go on and on about this place, and I never really got the big deal. But now I do. So awesome. Everyone deserves a chance to come to Moyobamba.
The people here are super different than in Iquitos, but they are so cool!  They are very polite and educated, and they don't drink all the time or blast their peruvian music 24/7, it's so peaceful!  And my area is basically the rich hood.But its gigantic, you could probably fit 8 9 de Octubre´s inside of it. It´s soooooo cute, I would live here hands down. There's some parts of my area that are like a suburban town peruvian style.  Because of the economic difference, there's definite difference in the work and the people.  It's actually really similar to my first area in Tarapoto in the sense that it's not the same tactics you can use in Iquitos.  It's a bit harder to find new people to teach.  Like, in Iquitos you can literally knock on any old door and find a family to teach that will welcome you into their home and invite you to something to drink and listen closely....even if they want nothing to do with the gospel. Here, there's rejection. What is this feeling? I feel like I've woken up from my Iquitos dreamland to the real world of people who DON'T want to listen to us.  Rejection. Something about it is so refreshing. It makes me feel like a real missionary! I like the sincerity and that way we can move right on to the people who are truly prepared to receive the gospel!  Oh. And I forgot to mention, I'm opening an area and training a new missionary! My companion is Hna Tituaña and she is the cutest thing ever. Member her whole life, from Ecuador. Misses home a bit but she's adjusting fast. So for the last four days me and my companion have been stumbling around a bit lost looking for people to teach, but I have been able to rely more on the spirit to lead me where to go so much. More than I ever have in my mission. I feel so focused, and I really can feel the spirit so present in my life and in my work. I feel so blessed to have this challenged placed before me at this time in my mission.  Because there's only four sisters (including me) here in Moyobamba, I'm the only sister leader which means that I will have to leave my companion here this week while me and the zone leaders travel to Iquitos for the monthly leadership council...that will be weird.  Hna Tituaña is nervous about it but I know she'll do great. The sisters here are Hermana Jackson and Hermana Centeno, my ex companion!! Love both of them so much and excited to be here and help them.
THE BRANCH! The branch here is AWESOME! I don't know what it is, it's a district with branches but the members here are so strong and so converted and really know what it takes to build the church. Our ward mission leader is the bomb, my pensionista cooks super delicious and church was sooo great! I felt the spirit way strong!

You guys I feel like I hit the jackpot getting transferred here.

I'm never coming home, 

Hermana Benyo

                      Last photo with zone 9 de Octubre

                                                  Me and Hna Hernandez. Only one change together!

                                                                                   Me and my district

In Moyobamba with hna Centeno!

 The Elders had a crazy awesome baptism of two families my first day here. It inspired me for sure! One of the hermanos had to redo his baptism 7 times...poor guy

                                                    Me and my new compi! Hna Tituaña

                                                       A look out point in our area

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