Sunday, March 15, 2015

Semana 59 in Moyobamba, Peru (March 9th, 2015)

Hola mi dulce familia!
This week was interesting. We had consejo de lideres in Iquitos, so on Wednesday drove to Tarapoto with the zone leaders...first of all so weird being with out a companion and on top of it squished in the back of a car with two elders driving on windy mountain roads trying not to throw up, haha yeah..... But then we got to Tarapoto and I met up with the sister leaders there in the airport so it got a little bit better from there. We flew to Iquitos and The leadership council was cool as always we got to discuss and change some norms in the mission that I think will help us to progress. And I stayed with the family history sisters....oh my gosh. Their house is sooooooo nice.  It's like a mini mission home. I'm so jealous.  Anyway it was good to see some of my friends in Iquitos and before we knew it we were on our way back to Moyobamba. We stopped at DOMINOS in Tarapoto (it was a big deal, definitely worth noting because that was NOT there when I served there). 
While I was gone my awesome comp was working with members! She is the best! She was super nervous about it but she did great and even found some new investigators. So proud. But really, she is super obedient, and humble and always looking to do better, I love her to death.
This week was a little bit tricky because apart from being in Iquitos for two days, it was district conference on sunday. The conference was is Rioja, which is a pueblo like 25-30 minutes from here and that made it a little bit complicated to get our people to church. But the good news is we had two less active families come and one of their families brought their son and daughter who we´ve been teaching so we're gonna keep working with them this week. 
The work here in Moyobamba is so awesome! It's totally different and sometimes I feel like I'm in a different mission. It's challenging but I'm so happy and focused here. We've been focusing on listening to and following the spirit and its going great!
On sunday I was so surprised to run into Hermana Luzmila! She was my first ever mission mom in Tarapoto and I ran into her here in Moyobamba on sunday. The sisters in Tarapoto told her I was serving here, so she made sure to stop by the chapel sunday to say hi! It was so great to see her a year later!!
Well that's all for this week!
Love you all!
Hermana Benyo

Me and the sister leaders from Tarapoto in the airport in Iquitos  (I've learned that it is impossible to ever take a decent picture without it getting photo bombed by elders)

Me and Hna Luzmila, Kenji, and Jadde---mi familia de Tarapoto!!

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