Thursday, January 29, 2015

Semana 52 in 9 de Octubre (January 19th, 2015)

So first of all, want to send my condolences home and to everyone in the green bay-appleton area...I am so devastated you guys. But it's okay, at least I'll be home for the Superbowl next year!!!
Anyway, cambios happened and I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Hernandez and she's awesome. We seriously get along great. The weird thing though is that this is her second time serving here in the area of 9 de Octubre hey, we're both starting our third transfer here in the area and it's an added bonus that she already knows her way around!  It was sad shipping off Hermana Burrell to Pucallpa where she will spend her last transfer before going home in February.
On Tuesday Hermana Burrell caught her flight to Pucallpa and I had to wait for Hermana Hernandez to fly in from Tarapoto, so I got to be companions with my MTC companion and bestie Hermana Talbert!!! It was a dream come true. Also it reminded me of how we were in the CCM and how excited we were to get out and serve and obey every single tiny little rule. It helped me to set some goals and raise the bar a little bit higher, that is one thing I love about Hermana Talbert, we always end up helping eachother become and be a better person and missionary, that's a good friendship right there!
Really though, Hermana Hernandez is awesome, I was a little nervous at first about getting a new companion but we actually work together really well, she's super patient and we have some good laughs together.
Karen and Clara and Gilmar and Amy are super excited for the wedding and baptism this week, I'm a little stressed about it to be honest.  I'm super excited for these guys to become members I think off the bat they'll have callings in relief society because they are rock solid these hermanitas!
Anyway I just want to share my testimony of the power of prayer and personal scripture study.  I truly don't think there is anything else that can strengthen your personal conversion than these two things.  As the time passes I can see how much my knowledge and love for the scriptures has increased, and not only that but my testimony and conversion.  I am grateful to be here in Peru sharing the gospel every waking second of my life and I've kind of been thinking lately that, well, I don't really remember how to not be a missionary.  So like I already mentioned before, guess I'm never coming home! 

Love you all, make it a great week!
Hermana Benyo


Companion day with Hermana Talbert! #motokarselfie

 Landscape shot in my area

Saying bye to Hna Burrell

Former Companions, hermana Lozano

Two chickens on a date 

 SERIOUSLY THIS CAT would NOT believe some of the things I have seen while proselyting in Iquitos

My favorite convert kiddos!

Guido and Betsis kids: Emily, Enith, Olgita and 'Hermana Leche'

 Scenic river in our area.... #savetherainforest

The 9 de Octubre monkey peed on me, Castigado.

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