Sunday, January 11, 2015

Semana 49 in 9 de Octubre (December 29th, 2014)

I can hear the bells!!
Wedding bells that is! Hermana Burrell and I are pretty excited about the miracles we've seen this week.  Although Hna Burrell was dying of Dengue all week, we passed our navidad pretty nicely here in Iquitos.  Saw all your pretty faces on skype and then we went to mama Rosalia's house in Punchana and they gave us presents. I got a skirt and a new headband! Love the shirts and necklace and everything you guys sent me too. Thank you Santa!!
So Hna Clara is still preparing for baptism, and I had mentioned her daughter Karen to you guys. She wasn't able to accept a baptismal date because her husband wanted nothing to do with us and wanted nothing to do wqith marriage either. Well, the Lord worked his magic like he always does and we are happy to announce that they will be getting married on the 26th of this month! And what more, her husband Nixson expressed his desires toi be baptized along with his wife, mother in law and two children. How sweet it is to teach marry and baptize full families! Starting the papers tomorrow, please keep this family in your prayers because when people styart to build their testimonies, thats when the Satan throws in the real challenges!
Anyways, sorry this letter is so short and sweet but know that my love for you is great and that the gospel is true and brings true everlasting peace!


Hermana Benyo

In Honor of the Big win against the Lions at Lambeau, Here's three cheeseheads coming at you from the Jungles of Peru! (the wisconsin  girl inside me was so excited when this guy picked us up!)

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