Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Semana 51 in 9 de Octubre (January 12th, 2015)

I have very short time to write but here's a couple of Photos!

This week we had two work visits and were super busy with wedding papers.  I was lucky enough to go do a work visit with the sisters in Colinas, my old ward!!! Got to see some of my old converts and that was cool, here is a picture of me and little Angel, who we ran into in the street. He got baptized with his mom back in June and it was great to see him again! I love that area with all my heart. Also Saturday night my companion and I ran into my AWESOME converts Guido and Betsi. they were standing on the street in my area and saw us coming. I'm sad because they informed me that in february they are moving to a place 2 days up the amazon called requena (the church hasn't gotten there yet). I was really worried at first because they are super active and progressing toward the temple, but they assured me that they'll be coming back monthly to Iquitos to meet with Bishop, pay their tithings and progress to be able to be sealed as a family in December. They made me promise to come to their temple sealing in December....I told them that I would DREAM to do that, so I'm gonna be praying that someone donates me their lottery winnings!!! haha
I think they'll be okay and they told me that the kids said that they're gonna go on a mission when they grow up to be like 'Hermana Leche' hahahah.  I can't tell you how much love there is between this family and my old comp hna Centeno and I. I will never ever ever forget them, as they always say, they consider us family.
We had some complications with the wedding papers for Hna Karen so we're gonna be workin on that today.  Hope all is well with you guys and I'm SO STOKED about that crazy Packers win. SO NUTS!!! My comp is from texas though and a little less excited hehe.  
Here's some photos too of Quistococha!!

Hermana Benyo

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