Sunday, February 1, 2015

Semana 53 in 9 de Octubre (January 26th, 2015)

So for a second, let´s forget about the wedding papers being turned in the day of, let´s forget about selling tickets and raising money with chicken wings, let´s forget about the fact that the bride was late and in her absence the groom disappeared too and the municipality workers had another gig scheduled a half hour after, let´s forget about all of that for a moment and take a moment to appreciate how beautiful it is to be a missionary and help broken families be healed through the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the ceremony Hna Karen said that what had happened was what she considered to be a miracle. When we found this family, Karen and Nigzon were about to leave eachother and now a short month later, they are married and he is now listening to the discussions as well. I was grateful when all the stress of selling chicken wings on thursday and matrimony and hair doing on friday was over. Then came my favorite part...THE BAPTISM!!! Words fail to describe the feeling you have as a missionary see those special people, Karen, Clara, Gilmar, and Amy come to that day when they make covenants with the Lord, knowing that they are REAL converts who are here for good.  Seriously, we´ve got some future relief society pres. matrerial! After the baptism, Karen testified of her desire and vision of her family in the temple along with her husband...I know they´ll get there!  Yesterday a woman asked me if as a missionary I have witnessed any miracles such as healings of diseases....I told her maybe not, but I have seen miracles. I have seen hearts softened, natures changed, and families transformed. Maybe I´ve never seen the healing of the physically afflicted, but I have witnessed the healing of spiritual infirmities through the atonement of Jesus Christ as well as the transforming effect that it can have ona family.  And to me, that is the greatest miracle of all.  I feel completely privileged to have been a part in the conversion of this family and to have been but an instrument in the hands of the Lord, it is truly humbling to me.  I finished this week one happy Hermanita.


Hermana Benyo

1. Ran into my amigas Hna Allphin and Hna Dickey on Pday
2. El beso
3. El baile
4. Me and the happy couple ;btw here i reattached the photo number 4-
5. The family all together
6. Me n my mexi
7. The Baptizers- Elder Moreno and Elder Taylor

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