Sunday, January 11, 2015

Semana 50 in 9 de Octubre (January 5th, 2015)

This week was amazing and full of miracles!
Karen and Clara and Karen-s kids Amy and Gilmar are doing awesome. The zone leaders are helping us out with the marriage papers, so that helps us out a ton!
Weve also been able to find a few other awesome people this week who are super prepared, honestly we've been seeing some serious miracles here in 9 de Octubre!
Our pensionista had to drop us so we're eating now with the Bishop and his family, It's awesome I love them so much!
Yesterday for fast and testimony meeting our investigator Karen got up and told the congregation that a month earlier the only option that she had in her mind was to leave her husband.  She said that when she started listening to the discussions, her eyes were opened to her own weaknesses and that she didn't have to leave her husband, but rather needed to repent and change her own self. She brought the copy of the book of mormon up front and shared a scripture that she found when she was struggling, so she prayed and opened up to a scripture, chapter 30 of 3 Nephi. She received exactly what she needed, to know that she was the one who needed to repent, leave all of her sins behind, and be born again through baptism and repentance. She testified that she knows the church is true and she knows that God speaks to us through the Book of Mormon, and that now, a month later she is about to to marry the man she wanted to leave and be baptized. Her testimony was SO powerful, the whole ward was blown away and I almost cried. It was one of those, 'is this real life' moments that are so sweet and recurring in my mission. SO excited to see the continued progression of this family!
Hope you all have a great week!
Happy birthday to my baby sister Alyssa who turns 17 today!!! Also, tell Aunt Lily the package got here and that it made my life and I love everything she sent! That battery operated caribeaner fan is my new best friend and the kids here think that it's the coolest thing ever.
Love you guys!
Hermana Benyo

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