Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Semana 32 in Punchana (September, 1st, 2014)

Riding solo as a missionary is less fun than it sounds, but it's possible.  Because as I've come to learn that the Lord has a way of widening our natural capacity or abilities, especially as a missionary.  It's so funny before coming on my mission I was worried that I wouldn't like having a companion, never having a single moment to yourself apart from the five minute ice cold shower in the morning. But as time has passed and now that I've come to love my companions working without them stinks. And it's sad. Going out in the streets with members in place of your companion is like a widow going to the family reunion without her husband....she still has her family but it just ain't the same. Dramatic? nahh haha.
No I'm happy and well and we're staying with our pensionista Hermana Rosalia because Hermana Lozano can't climb up the stairs to our apartment. She's treating us like royalty so no complaints there.  Hermana Lozano has a slightly torn ligament and has strict orders from the doctor to rest for three weeks. This morning we had to make copies of our area report and I didn't have anyone to accompany me, so we jokingly said 'Man I wish we had a wheel chair'.... Hermana Rosalia heard us and next thing we know she's walking out of her room with her Mom's wheelchair. So we walked three blocks to the copies pushing my companion in a wheelchair. Now that's companion service.  It was funny. We're thinking about going out proselyting like that hahaha.
We've got some cool families that we're teaching and came to church yesterday. One of them is a young couple named Vadick and Monica. Vadick is a less active member but has a strong testimony. Monica is his girlfriend who suffers from severe arthritis, even though she's only 24 and almost died from it a few years ago. She is awesome and very receptive and says that she feels as though God gave her another chance and that now is the time to pay it back. She is praying to know if the gospel is true.
This week I learned something cool from one of the talks mom sent.  That not only did Jesus Christ suffer for our sins and temptations and afflictions, he had to be capable of doing it.  Only someone completely sinless and perfect could have saved us. I he had even slipped up one time and gave in to temptation, he would not have been in any position to save us, rather he would have had to worry about his own salvation. But he never messed up, and that is why God sent Him.  If you get thrown in prison, you're not gonna go to another inmate and ask them to call the lawyers and pay the bail...they aren't in any position to do that, you're gonna call your family who has the money and freedom to do so. So not only did Jesus suffer for us, he defied 33 years of temptations because he loved us enough. Because He knew that that was the price to be paid. I can't even go a DAY without sinning and I am so indebted to him for that. Love you all, shine bright.

Hermana Benyo
Perks of Staying with Hermana Rosalia: her grandkids!!!

Pday we went and made traditional dolls with one of Hermana Linford`s converts

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