Monday, September 29, 2014

Semana 36 in Punchana (September 29th, 2014)

I won't lie to you this week was hard.
I normally don't really say much to you guys in my letters when times get hard in my mission because I don't really feel like it's worth it because I know one day when I look back I won't remember them. The trials that we pass don't define our experience, they refine it!
My companions have been struggling a lot since we got together in a trio and sometimes I feel like the ref in the middle of the two trying to make peace between two nations. Hermana Tinta is having a really hard time and requires a LOT, I mean a LOT of patience. My capacity to love and my patience has grown so much. This week we had a small mid-mission crisis between the three of us that, to not give too many unnecessary details ended in all of us crying (me getting legitimately homesick for the first time since christmas!) and a long talk with the mission president. When all was said and done, we came out a whole lot stronger and President and Hermana Gomez are the BEST!!! For real I always say this and, mom and dad I don't want to make you jealous, but they are literally just like you two...with the same personalities and everything and it's a nice mom and dad substitution for a short year and a half.  But I think we left the offices feeling better about everything and Hermana Tinta and Hermana Lozano seem a lot happier and are really making an effort to love each other.
We have faced a LOT of adversity in our area and after three months it started wearing down on me amidst the problems in our companionship.  But I feel like the lesson that I am here to learn amidst all of this is patience and humility. Patience. Patience....Patience. But also hard work and dilligence to match it, knowing that if we continue forward with a good attitude and offer our whole heart, might, mind and strength on the sacrificial altar, good things will come our way.
A little tender mercy I had this week is that amidst everything, in my area here in Punchana, I ran into one of my convert families, Guido and Betsi, from 9 de Octubre. It was the sweetest thing ever and I gave Betsi the biggest hug, we haven't seen them since I left for punchana.  It was so great to see them, they are SOOO active in church, he is ward secretary and she is in the primary and planning their temple sealing for July of next year in the temple of Trujillo.  They made me promise I would be there and it hurt my heart too much to admit that I probably wouldn't be able to afford it so I told them I would do everything possible. I love those guys so much, they said they cried when I left and when the new missionery came who is latina, their little girls said I miss ''mi leche''!!! Haha I had no idea that they refered to me as leche..or milk...because I'm white, I think....
haha I love peruvian kids.

Hope all is well for you guys!

Hermana Benyo

1. Manejando mi motokar! ...just kidding it's parked
2. We helped a family move in on wednesday.  One of my fave photos of me and Hermana lozano...we call it Peruvian Gothic
3. If I'm not mistaken, a while back dad wanted to know that toilets are like in uh, here ya go dad! 

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