Monday, September 29, 2014

Semana 33 in Punchana (September 8th, 2014)

Week number 2 ridin' solo.
Definitely went better than week 1. But it's all good the members are supporting us a ton and we're definitely having PLENTY of lessons with member to report.  Hermana Lozano is doing better, she can pretty much walk fine, but the doctor is gonna have her rest one week more because there starting to send people home for even minor injuries and sicknesses and we for sure don't want that. 
Also changes are tomorrow. I'm not expecting to go anywhere, but we have a feeling that Hermana Lozano is gonna leave. But I'll let you all know next week if anything crazy happens.
My favorite family of investigators right now is the family of Vadick and Monica. I was telling you about them last week and they are the coolest. Vadick is an inactive member but super cool and has a great testimony of the gospel. Monica suffers from arthritis and has trouble walking. They are both young 20-22 and that's fun teaching a young family because we are pretty much the same age and can relate. They are the cutest couple and he writes music and has a ton of songs that he wrote about Monica that they're starting to play on the radio here in Iquitos and he's hoping to get it to play in Lima and other parts of the world as well. He's very talented and we'll be keeping watch for when he gets big!  They are the best and I'm 100% sure that they are going to get married and that Monica will get baptized.  She's a little shy about accepting a date, we've been inviting her to accept for the 27th.  She says she feels the church is true she just doesn't feel ready yet. But on Sunday we fasted together and she even went and paid a fast offering! She said she felt the spirit in her fast and I know she's going to accept the date this week. I'll keep ya posted!
This week we ate Motelo. Which is a delicacy here. And it is a type of turtle that lives in the Amazon river. It was quite a roller coaster of emotions because he was really cute and I got a little attached then they killed him and then we ate him :(
But that's life in Iquitos, Peru, if you want to eat you have to learn to kill animals.
But it was super good though, 5 out of 5 would recommend!
Well that's all for this week folks! See ya next time.

p.s. I MISS CHOCOLATE. If someone sends me a bag of dove chocolate I will feature you on my blog and you'll probably get famous. 

Hermana Benyo

1. Cutie Pie!!!!
2. Me n my buddy
4. He died so young.
5. But he tasted so good. mmmmm. I also ate turtle eggs and that was kind of weird.
6.   I used to think I couldn't eat anything with a face...especially with sharp teeth. But if there's anything I've learned from living in Iquitos, I've learned to eat creepy looking, bony amazon fish....And I LOVE it. For real it's like my favorite food. I love our pensionista.

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