Sunday, March 23, 2014

Semana 8 in Tarapoto (March 3, 2014)

Hey Everyone!

Sorry my email is going to be shorter this week. 
But just another week in paradise gone by, and I hope you're all doing well. 
This week we got a new branch president (yay!) and he is seriously the best. He is from Lima where the church is much stronger and served in a bishopric for several years. We're very excited about that and he is going to help us IMMENSELY. You have no idea, we're very happy.
We're also getting a new ward mission leader and relief society president.
Hermana Salinas and I are finally teaching families, but we still have many days of walking around aimlessly in the hot sun without lessons. But hey, exercise, right? We also live at the top of a mountain and die a little inside everytime we have to climb it to go home, but I guess thats the price we have to pay for the scenery.
My spanish is going so well! I'm thinking and dreaming and breathing in Spanish and it's kind of funny it's legitimately hard for me to pray in English.  I try sometimes and it reverts back to Spanish if I'm not concentrating hard enough, so that's going well.
Yesterday after fasting we were starving and at our lunch appointment we had chicken lung soup and I swallowed every one of them so that I wouldn't have to chew it, but other than that it was really good!
Every day I feel a little bit stronger and closer to the Lord and it's easier for me every day to focus on the needs of the people around me. We love them and want what's best for them. Being a missionary truly is a blessing!

Love you all!

Hermana Benyo

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