Monday, March 31, 2014

Semana 12 in.......IQUITOS!!!!

So, cambios (transfers) happened.

And I got transferred to......IQUITOS!!

Woohoo!!! So I was pretty sad leaving Tarapoto, because I had gotten pretty accustomed there. It was sad leaving my companion Hermana Salinas and my friends there. So Tuesday I hopped on a plane to Iquitos and when we got to the airport I met my new companion, Hermana Centeno, who had also flown in from another part of the mission. We're both new, she only has six weeks more than me, and our zone leaders informed us that we are opening an area. Ahhh! But let me tell you, our area is the best! It's not Tarapoto with beautiful mountains but its hilly and really pretty, a lot more jungly with bugs, and SOOO HOT. Wow.  I was a little nervous at first when they told us that we're completely starting from scratch and neither of us know the area, there's no street signs and a lot of the houses don't have numbers. Compared to our area here, Tarapoto is like super rich. But the people here are waaaaaaay friendly and the members are amazing. I'm finally in a ward and it's so different having so many members who help us do missionary work. Literally our first day here, we had ward council and the members here gave us tons of references and people to teach. One member told us that he has a family that he knows of five members who all want to get baptized. So we went to visit them the next day, and we now will be teaching them and helping all five them prepare to be baptized on the 19th. The parents, Lucina and Maykeel aren't married yet, so we also are working on the papers for their matrimony. They are a very sweet family with true desires to change their lives and follow Jesus Christ. It truly is so different here in Iquitos and honestly a lot easier. But I still miss my old area in Tarapoto, but I know that after a week or so I will feel right at home here.

Like I said it's super duper humid and hot and I actually have to wear sunscreen here. And our house is nice but we have cockroaches (not so nice :( ).  Everynight I tuck my mosquito net in really tight to protect's more a cucarachanet than it is a mosquito net. But it's ok, they're super friendly. But I have to get used to the freaky bugs because there's waaaaay more here and I guess that's just something you have to accept when you're living for 18 months in the middle of the Amazon for 18 months, right?

But I'm doing really well, we are seriously working so hard and learning a lot together and loving the work and loving the people so I'm not sure there's really much I could ask for! 

Con Amor, Hermana Benyo

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