Saturday, February 8, 2014

Semana 4 in Tarapoto

Hola Familia!

This week went really fast but we got in a lot of work!  So this week starting tomorrow I will be working with members until my new companion arrives the following tuesday. It should be an interesting week, but I know it will give me the chance to really grow and figure out how to apply the things that I have learned so far from my trainer.

This week we found a ton of new investigators and that was really cool. We taught this one girl named Lady Diana (yes that is actually her name) and she was super sweet. She is only fifteen but she was really excited about learning and says that she wants to learn more about the gospel, so I'm teaching her again this week with one of the members.  We also taught this old couple named Reina and Ramon. Reina suffers from Arthritis and they had 11 children but a lot of them passed away. It was really sad, and when we asked how many were still living she said "3 or 4, I can´t remember". But they are super cute and sweet and love learning.  

Also, our progressing Investigator Hisela is the best! We´ve been teaching her since I got here and she always has so many great questions and wants to learn everything she can before committing to baptism. We´ve been working with her really trying to get her to pray to receive an answer for herself if the gospel is true and if the Book of Mormon is true, and how to recognize answers to her prayers. She called us this week and told us that she got an answer and she for sure wants to get baptized! Yay!

This week I've really learned the importance of teaching people and not lessons. Every single person here has there own individual problems and I know that no matter what it is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help them.  The hard part is having enough love and discernment to know how to help them.  Especially in spanish.  But I'm really trying to listen to the people. They love to talk. And I know that by listening and teaching to their necessities, their hearts will be touched and they will feel Heavenly Father's love for them, and feel that desire to follow Jesus Christ and return back to live with God one day. There is nothing better than that feeling when you know that you've really helped someone in the best way I know how.

For service this week, Me, Hermana Alvear, and the elders (well, mostly the elders) helped tear down a wall in our house. Its the house of Hermana Luzmila, our Relief Society president and pensionista (she cooks for us). We live in a little room upstairs, but the other night there was a huge storm that damagaed the roof and now their fixing stuff. Also, this week was the last sunday of Hermana Alvear and Elder Woolstenhulme before they go home! We took a bunch of photos at church.

Anyway I love you all, and pray for me (especially) this week!


Hermana Benyo

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