Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Semana 5 in Tarapoto

So this week was a mix between fun and hard!  Hermana Alvear left tuesday and I was terrified to go out and teach by myself, but it actually went really well!

My companion was different members every day and most of the time it was this awesome recent convert named Ximena. She's a teenager and seriously so strong in the gospel and a great missionary. I actually had a lot of fun with her and her testimony is really powerful. She's also beautiful so that helps (especially when contacting hehe). 

I was praying so hard this week that I would be able to teach with the spirit and that the people would be able to understand me...and guess what? It worked. Once I was really on my own that's when I realized that I can actually do this. The day Hermana Alvear left I taught the entire plan of salvation to our investigator Gisela, and she seriously was so involved and asking so many questions and really excited. The spirit was so strong and then we ran out of time and she asked if I could come back the next day to finish the lesson. That's when it was really apparent that although I was alone, I had the help of my Heavenly Father working through me to teach his children about their purpose here on the Earth. And she really understood me, and I understood 100% of what she was saying. I am so grateful for the help of my father in Heaven and it's so cool to experience it and know that literally all you need to do is have faith and open your mouth and he will fill it with what the investigator needs to hear.

Tarapoto is still tough and we still don't have any baptismal dates, but I found an awesome family to teach this week! They have a lot of trials but I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ can help them and they're really excited to come to church again!

So I have been staying the night with Hermana Linford and Astete, the sisters in another district in Tarapoto which is inconvenient when I work in Tarapoto central during the day. They're area is cool, mine is more of the city so it's fun seeing something new.  I've been sleeping in Hna Linford's bed with her so I'm excited to get my bed back tomorrow. There apartment is a lot nicer than ours but last night we found a huge spider in their bathroom...like HUUUUGE. Biggest I've ever seen in my life.

I'm loving the perfect weather here, the Peruvians are telling me from the news that its pretty cold up in your neck of the woods..hehe. I find out who my new companion is today and she comes tomorrow! Woo!

Learning to have patience and trying to be more diligent. Thanks for the prayers I'm doing great! Love you all!
Hermana Benyo

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