Monday, January 20, 2014

Semana 3 in Tarapoto

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 Our group going to Iquitos from the MTC

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Tarapoto from our house 
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 Hermana Talbert and I at the airport in Iquitos
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Freaky abondoned plane at the airport in Iquitos  

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  So randomly some horses showed up in our I have no idea who they belong to but they just started chilling and nursing right in front of our house. Normal.


Tarapoto is awesome. Teaching is hard.
That´s pretty much my week summed up.  This week was for sure a challenge.  But honestly I feel like I´ve come so far. It´s tough expressing all that I want to say in a second language and at time I feel like the people don't really comprehend.  It´s really interesting here, the people are all very sweet but you have to teach simple simple simple, or they don´t really get it.  I'm starting to feel more at home and the members in the branch are so very sweet. Also, everyone greets with a cheek kiss and bids farewell with a cheek kiss and I always forget to do it and people think I'm rude but I'm just not used to it. Funny story, so we're missionaries and all and this one teenager tried to greet me and kiss me and I had to like dodge it and pull away was kind of awkward maybe you had to be there.
I feel so blessed to start off in Tarapoto because it´s in the high jungle, and so the weather is awesome (iquitos is wretched), the food isn't weird (no reptiles), and it's really cute and cozy. It really reminds me exactly of Appleton except completely different and in the Peruvian amazon.
In Lima it wasn't a big deal being a gringo, because there were plenty, its a big city with tourists, but Tarapoto is a lot more remote. In actuality, I think the missionaries are literally the only gringoes in Tarapoto. The whole language and teaching thing is difficult but without challenges, I wouldn't be progressing so I'm thankful for that.
It's a little frustrating because our investigator Eli was going to be baptized the 25th but it fell through because she didn't come to church yesterday. We have another investigator named Hisela and I love her so much. She really is so sweet and so smart and has such desires to change her life and come unto Christ. She is cautious and wants to learn more, which I think is great so we have been teaching her often.
One of our goals as missionaries is to love the people of Peru, and I'm really praying that I can do that more, and think of myself less. Because ultimately that's what missions are all about, right?
Love you all! CIAO!

Hermana Benyo

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