Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Semana 46 in 9 de Octubre (December 8th, 2014)

Hey everybody!
Just another week in the life and it was a HOT one. It feels like satan's oven down here.
On thursday we had the monthly Mission Leadership council and that was fun! Got to see my best friend Hermana Talbert after 8 MONTHS!! Finally got transferred to Iquitos, reunited and it feels so good. We are going full on the new Christmas iniciative 'He is the Gift' and sharing the video and cards with everyone and there dog. I fully recommend it if you want to get into the REAL Christmas spirit, watch it here: christmas.mormon.org.  
Finally got my birthday package, woohoo!! Thanks mom!
Started freaking out this week about how fast time is going, can't believe I only have 4 transfers left, and Hermana Burrell only 2. Gotta make 'em count!!!
This week our favorite Brasilian ladies Brenda and Maria came. They are so awesome and so excited and want so much to get baptized, still waiting on the news about marriage papers.
Well I don't have much to talk about so here's a ton of photos to make up for it, as the time passes I get worse and worse at this whole writing home thing.  But just know that I am happy to be here serving the Lord and those around me!
Hermana Benyo

1. Us and Elder and Sister Mayne right before they went home to the old USA!
2. Birthday package!!! Thanks mom!
3. Me and my girl Hermana Talbert after way too long
4. Her name is Almendra
5. Cute puppy!!
6. The English room for the Christmas Devotional last night--Too many gringos packed in a tiny hot,hot room. Merry Christmas!

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