Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Semana 45 in 9 de Octubre (December 1st, 2014)

Happy December!
This week we had zone conference!!! Woohoo!!
Zone conference is basically my own little spiritually charged General Conference. As a mission our new technique to find new investigators is almost exclusively through the less active members and recent converts, We've already been doing it but we now are going to focus more on it, I think it is really truly inspired and is going to strengthen the 9 de Octubre ward as well as all of the mission. It was a good conference and got me pumped up.
We are teaching an AWESOME sister named Maria. She is Brasilan, From Manaus, Brasil, just a couple days up the river.  She speaks spanish as a second language so I guess me and Hna Burrell can kind of relate to her with that one. She is so awesome, a reference from the Elders who had stopped teaching her when she traveled to Brazil for a month,  and ever since she got back she had been praying that the missionaries would come by the house as a sign to know if the church is true. So then we showed up and she was a little cold at first but it didn't take long for us to see how truly special she is. She is one of those people that is VERY in tune with the spirit and recognizes answers that come from the lord. In various lessons with her she has told us that she feels the spirit testifying to her heart that this church is true. She and her daughter came to church on sunday and I was blown away by the efforts of the members. So many people came up to her to say hi and ask her about herself and welcome her, the young women pulled her 14 year old daughter into the class and we saw her walking out with like 4 or 5 friends already. Afterwards, maria told us that she felt the spirit very strongly in church and felt a TON of love, that only after one sunday she already feels like she has a family there at church. I am honestly so proud of the members in my ward right now, they are coming leaps and bounds!!  Maria is honestly SO SO prepared. The only problem is that she has a husband who she has a lot of problems with. We just started teaching him so we will see how it goes. And also, she is from brazil and will only be able to get married once she has her visa. But we have a lot of faith, she is so ready and wanting to be baptized but I know that the lord will provide a way for her papers to work out. I was talking to my companion about that one scripture in 1 Nefi where Nefi is being mocked by his brothers that he doesn't know how to build a boat. And he just kind of responds, excuse my scriptural paraphrasing, "For real? If god has power to do all the miracles that he has done in this world, dont you think he can figure out how to teach me to build a lousy boat?" So thats kind of my quote for the week, if God has power to do all miracles don't you think we can figure out some lousy visa/marriage papers? I've got faith.
Being a missionary is great as always and goes too fast!  

With love,
Hermana Benyo

Photos this week:
1. Zona 9 de Octubre!!!
2. That is not chocolate. That is the remains of a freaky spider I killed.
3. Me and my compi Hna Burrell
4. Me and the cutest mexican lady in the zone, Hna Rodriguez
5. Us and the Hermanas
6. Our district at the Elder's baptism. Best district EVER!

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