Monday, November 24, 2014

Semana 43 in 9 de Octubre (November 17th, 2014)

This week was AWESOME because I got to be in a gringa trio!!! It was seriously the funnest thing ever. We got a new sister named Hermana T. She stayed with us for the week temporarily, but she's leaving today to go to her new area so we're pretty sad about that. Seriously love her so much, we're basically best friends already the three of us.  Also this week was mine AND Hermana Burrell's birthday so that was exciting too!!  
We are teaching a lovely family called Familia Papa, or as me and my companion like to say "Potato Family" (Warning: my sense of humor has gotten a lot lamer since my mission).  They are so sweet and inactivated basically immediately after they got baptized but they were so happy to receive us and expressed their desires to reactivate so we're gonna be workin pretty hard with them. The dad has problems with alcohol so he's gonna need a lot of support, but the mom told us that she had a dream about a big white lit up building where she felt that she should enter with her husband to married religiously. It was super cool and we taught her about eternal marriage and the temple and invited them to prepare to go to the temple as a family and be sealed for time and all eternity!! I just love helping families, and they came to church on sunday!!
On Saturday we did a really fun Tristake service activity with all of the members and missionaries in was super fun!!  We painted and cleaned up trash and cut the lawn with machetes. That is like my favorite and definitely the most inefficient thing ever. But there we were just like our whole zone of 20 missionaries and also President Gomez just hackin away at the grass with machetes.
One thing I learned this week is that sometimes we try to compartmentalize ourselves into little boxes and throw labels on things and say that we either are or aren't patient or kind or spiritual or successful and that honestly is insanity. I honestly think we need to just stop saying that we are anything because in certain situations the lord gives us certain qualities and characteristics and in others he doesn't. Maybe in some circumstances I'm a hard worker but in others I'm totally lazy! Or maybe in one campanionship I have a lot of patience but withj someone else I really have to learn patience. It's really cool how God gives and takes our spiritual gifts as we need them, or as He needs us to use them.  it really is a testament to how we are just tools in the hands of the Lord.  So I'm gonna stop over analyzing myself and deciding if I'm successful or not successful, spiritual or not spiritual, patient or not patient and just have peace in my life. We're all children of a Heavenly Father and that's all that we will ever need to be.

Love you all!
Hermana Benyo
1 &2 Hackin' away
2, 3, & 4  Frog we found in service! Sapaso!!
5. Me and my best girls
6. Hermana Burrell's birthday!! woohoo!

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