Saturday, November 15, 2014

Semana 42 in 9 de Octubre (November, 10th, 2014)

Hey everybody!
This week was great!
Went to Lima and got my passport all taken care of. That was super weird because I was by myself the whole time which I havent dont for a good year. I was alone with the male Choffers from Lamoni Tours who work for the church there in Lima. I've gotten to know them pretty well now Cause I've had to go to Lima several times now.  The one that works during the day was named Hermano Elvis and he was cool, he basically just had to drive me around all day and took me to the embassy.  The embassy was super cool and we had to go in and it was the most American thing I've seen in a long time, walked out of there super trunky,was my first time in a while being on 'US soil'  but after 2 hours of waiting I had never been so happy to leave my country.  Then I went and stayed the night with the Hermanas from the Lima East mission, for real they are SO rich compared to Iquitos like their house is basically a palace.  Their mission is super super different that Iquitos because it's all gated communities and you have to buzz to enter or talk to the watchman to knock doors, so I mena I'll stick with Iquitos, but it was cool to see what another mission is like. Also ran into my friend Hermana Heiner from the MTC who is serving in Lima so that was a fun reunion!
Hermana Burrell and I had a baptism this week, our Investigator Laura got baptized, she is awesome and has a great testimony, There was a good turnout also at her baptism
Other than that we are working and trying to be more and more dilligent and have lessons every 30 minutes which is the new goal of the mission. I have found that when we use our time wisely and help as many people as humanly possible in the day we not only have more success but we have the constant companionship of the spirit and we are just plain HAPPY. 
Hermana Burrell's birthday is this week so were gonna celebrate. 
Not much more to say, but hope everything goes good with you guys this week!
This computer is rejecting my camera so I'll send photos of the baptism next week!
Hermana Benyo

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