Monday, January 20, 2014

Semana 2 in Tarapoto

Inline image 1          Me and President and Hermana Gomez Inline image 2 

 My run with Hermana Ruesch 

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 The view from our apartment

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 The Amazon River. nbd
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A man casually cutting grass with a machete

Hola mi dulce Familia,

So this week has gone by so fast but I've learned so much. I'm finally starting to learn street names, where I am, members in the branch, and our investigators. Names are SO hard for me here. Like I was expecting a bunch of Miguels and Alejandros but no, they all have 15 names and they're Gringo names but pronounced hispanic. Like 'Richard' but with a really strong accent so people tell me they're names and I have no idea and forget instantly. 

Anyway, so Hna Alvear and I live in a little room about the house of our pensionista, who is Hna Luzmila, the Relief Society president in our branch. Our room is about what you would expect, cement floors and brick walls with a little cupboard in the corner covered by a curtain that is our bathroom. So funny story the other day I was showering, there's no hot water here, so i tried to move the shower head and I realized it was just a pbc pipe so it snapped and water was spraying out of a hole in the wall. hahah I cant remember if I already told you that last week, but its fixed now.

So we eat meals with our pensionista and lunch with members every day. I haven't eaten anything too weird yet, but all the weird food is in iquitos, here is mostly just rice and such.  But there's TONS of fruit I love it. Lots of Pineapple, mango, papaya, coconut, maracuya, passion fruit, star fruit, and other ones that I don't know the names of. The other day we bought a coconut from this man on the street who cut it open with a machete and stuck a straw in it. I also tried this fruit called aguaje which is weird and tastes like cottage cheese but at the same time is kind of good/disgusting. 

This week Hna Alvear and I went on intercambios with a companionship and I went with Hna Ruesch, who is from South Jordan, UT. And she´s only had 6 weeks in the mission....haha. Two gringas who had no idea what they were doing. It was for 24 hours but seriously it was SOOO fun.  She is the best and honestly yeah we´re not that good at spanish but our lessons went so well and we felt the spirit so strong. We visited some less actives and they came to church the next day. We also taught our investigator Eli and with her we read Enos in the Book of Mormon and talked about prayer and conversion. Our lesson was very simple, but the spirit was so strong. I love the Book of Mormon, it really speaks for itself. And that lesson she committed to be baptized the 25th, yay!!

Our area is a little bit tougher to find people, but I like the challenge, and when we do find people that need it, it's so sweet.

But yeah so On our intercambio, Hna Ruesch and I went for a run through the jungle and it was SO COOL!!! And we ran up this hill that overlooks the mountain and the valley below. Its so pretty here. And I love being a missionary. My testimony is being strengthened each day and I`m learning more than I thought possible about the gospel.

I love you and miss you all!!

Hna Benyo

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