Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Semana 40 in 9 de Octubre (October 27th, 2014)

SO MUCH happened this week.
So cambios happened and I got changed! I'm back in my old zone 9de Octubre and i could not be more thrilled. Leaving Punchana and my companions was sad, leaving áreas is always sad, but I feel so happy and blessed to be back in my zone. Before I was here in 9 de Octubre in the área Las Colinas and now I'm in the area 9 de Octubre.  Me and my companion are the Sister training leaders for Zone 9 de Octubre and Zone Secada and get THIS: my companion is a gringa. Yeah so my life basically got turned upside down this week but I'm so happy about my new área and companion and also the chance to get to know and serve the sisters, we've got three other companionships of sisters here in 9 de Octubre and 2 more in zone Secada.  My companion hermana Burrell is from Texas/Utah and is super great and helping me learn everything I need to know.  We're going to do work visits this week and I'm excited also to get to do a work visit in my old área!
So 9 de Octubre may be in the same city as Punchana but I assure you that it is a COMPLETELY new world. I didn't get a chance to take pictures this week but it's the coolest área ever. We're right on the river and there's tons of hills and dips and rivets and bridges and Wood houses built on stilts...it's seriously a laberynth. It's small but there's tons of houses within a really compact área, under bridges etc.  So excited to work here. So here's the crazy part. In this tiny área that is like 8 blocks by 4, there are about 800 baptized members of the church.  The bishop here is so cool fore real, and we're really focusing in and strengthening the members here before we will be able to do anything and I know that if we work this way we will find tons of investigato as well.  The bishop asked us to help him with the President of Relief Society and the Ward Secretary...two callings which I've never had but hey, it's preparing me pretty good for future service in the church. 
I love Iquitos so much---and will always have a special place in my heart for 9 de Octubre and for that I feel like I won the lottery when I got transferred back here.  The Ward attendance is only at about 100 so we'vew got plenty of work to do and for real I am so happy, is it cool if I never come home?

Love you all,
Hermana Benyo

1. Me and my new compi Hermana Burrell (she's SO cool)
2.  A super cool abandoned ship in our área
3.  River so pretty here in 9 de Octubre

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