Sunday, July 27, 2014

Semana 27 in Punchana (July 21st, 2014)

Hello Everyone!! 
It got REALLY cold these last two weeks….apparently this happens here every year  for a couple weeks, what’s known as ‘The San Juan cold’. We were teeth chattering and bundled up in sweaters, when I looked at the thermometer and realized that it was actually 70 degrees. And then the Wisconsin girl in side of me died with shame for the weak wimp I have become. I literally don’t even feel like Iquitos is hot anymore, it’s normal and if I’m exposed to anything below 88 degrees with 100% humidity I shiver. Yeah I’m gonna die my next real winter.
Anyway this week are district leader Elder Valdez got an emergency change to go be zone leader in Tarapoto, and we were pretty sad because we’re in a shared area with them and he helped us a TON with references, encouragement, and our ward.  But now we’re figuring stuff out on our own now I guess. 
We found a really great new family that we’re teaching, named Denis and Shayla. Shayla is a member of the church who hasn’t attended in years, but wants to come back and Denis isn’t a member but is really great and interested and super hilarious too, we genuinely love teaching them and they’re just one of those families that I just love. This week however, they’ve passed through some difficulties, they own a bus here and one of their employees fell out of the bus on his face while working and things aren’t looking good for him.  They’re really stressed and worried about it and were in the hospital Sunday so they weren’t able to come to church, but we’re praying for them and trying to support them the best we can.
On P-day our zone got permission from President to watch 17 Miracles, I love that movie! I think about the mormon pioneers that faced such persecution simply for living what they believed and so many of them that sacrificed their lives to do the will of the Lord. It makes me so proud of our own ancestors and the sacrifices that they made as they were forced out of their homes to  cross the plains, many of them losing loved ones or even their own lives to the cold and starvation, with out a single complaint. And here I am in the 21st century, with pretty comfortable circumstances complaining because our appointments fall through or because I miss American food (no for real, I’ve been craving Chipotle for a solid 6 months). But honestly they inspire me so much, I feel like me being a missionary is a continuation of the Legacy that my pioneer grandparents have left me, and they inspire me to carry on even when I’m tired and hungry, with a smile on my face, even through the rejections, dropped appointments and disappointments.  But it really applies to all of us, let’s wake up a little and as President Uchtdorf said, let’s not sleep during the Restoration! Let’s set aside selfishness and Serve God and your neighbor with our all.

1. Us and the Punchana Ward Council
2. The bridges down by the river in our area
3. Down by the river in Punchana
4. Floating houses in Punchana
5. Freaky abandoned boat across the water

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