Sunday, June 29, 2014

Semana 23 in Iquitos (June 23rd, 2014)

Hola Familia!!!

This week Hermana Centeno and I have set a lot of new goals to get us 100% focused and we really feel so great! Although we don't have any families now that we are preparing to marry, we are so focused on finding, talking to every person we can, asking for references and working with the members.  I feel so good and when we work like this I really feel the spirit all the time and can see the hand of the Lord in our work. I'm trying to not let myself panic that we don't yet have new families and just continue working and trusting in the Lord, that way I know he will direct our paths and bring us success if we are focused on our purpose here.
On saturday Luz and Jaime had the ceremony for the massive wedding that they signed papers for last week.  There were 169 couples that got married here in Iquitos and tons of missionaries from all over the city who were also helping their investigators get married.  It was fun and actually a lot cooler than the matrimonies that we've done so far on our own.  
That night Luz and her son Angel got baptized.  Jaime decided that he's not yet ready to get baptized, but he has a testimony and we know that his time is soon to come! It was great seeing Luz finally baptized and confirmed a member of the church, she has been waiting almost 2 years and never could because she wasn't yet married. But she was so grateful to finally have taken this step after so much time.
This week is a big celebration, a holiday called San Juan that they only celebrate in the Selva. And I live in the district of Iquitos called San Juan, so it should be extra loco.  I'm still not sure exactly whats gonna happen but San Juan is on tuesday, I think we're gonna eat this food called Juanes, and think about San Juan, while listening to Juanes--should be neat. What I do know is that all the people have been fattening their chickens for about a month in preparation for this's a big deal.
On that note, I know that this Gospel is true, that Jesus Christ is our savior and that through Him we can be cleansed, changed, and receive eternal happiness. Press forward with steadfast faith in Christ, with love of God and love for all mankind, until next week!

Love Hermana Benyo   

1. The Happy Couple
2. All dem Peruvians gettin' hitched
3. The lovely wedding venue

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