Friday, April 25, 2014

Semana 15 in Iquitos (April 21, 2014)

Hellooooooo my family!!!

I hope you all had the best Easter! I had a pretty good one!
This week we had interviews with President and Hermana Gomez. They are seriously the best I cannot express enough how much I love them. I feel so much love from them and for real, mom and dad, they are literally the Mexican versions of you guys, so it's like I have my parents away from my real parents.  President Gomez is always happy, loving, and encouraging and Hermana Gomez is like the super smart mom nurse lady who loves her kids, it's so funny they remind me so much of you guys.  So yeah it's always great getting to see them. (Also, my zone leader is LITERALLY a Guatemalan version of Nick).
This week the Torres Amias family got married and baptized! Wooohoo!!!!!!! It was both mine and Hermana Centeno's first family/matrimony in our mission so it was a little stressful figuring out the paperwork, fundraising, clothes, decorations, food and all that jazz. But the Elders and the ward helped out a TON, and we are so grateul for their help and support. But It was a great day and we were so happy and proud to see them get married, baptized, and confirmed as a family. I know I've said it a bajillion times but I really can't express how much we love this family.
This saturday a little boy we're teaching named Angel is also getting baptized and he's pretty excited about it. Other than that, Hermana Centeno and I are trucking along, finding new families to teach and trying to help bring back the less actives to church. That is a big obstacle here in Iquitos, there are tonnnns of less active members. Pretty much every block in our area has one or more families of less active members, and many times all we need to do is visit them and show them that they are missed.
Hey fun news, we have bats in our house! We finally got rid of the nasty gigantic cockroaches only to discover bat droppings in our house. So my mosquito net has now been converted from my cucarachaprotection-net to my murcielagoprotection-net. We haven't seen them yet because they only come out in the night but they leave presents for us every morning. The elders advised us that we just have to sleep with a slingshot and we'll be ok, so we're thinking about trying that one out. hehe.
But other than that, all is well in good old Iquitos and I wish you all well!

Hermana Benyo

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