Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Semana 3

Me and my lovely companions at the Lima Temple today

Me and my district at the Light Ceremony. Left: Hnas Ogden, me, Talbert, Ransom, Reynolds, Smith, and Heiner. Row 2: Elders Price, Geddes (short), Largent (tall), and Allan.

CCM volleyball court

View of MTC from my bedroom

CCM Patio where we study

Soccer Field where the latinos lay the smack down

Lima Temple 

How´s it going, I miss you all!!!
So this week Hermana Talbert and I got a new companion!!! Her name is Hermana Ogden and now we are in a trio so that is pretty fun!!

I seriously love Hermana Talbert and we are so close and work great together, and we´re excited to have a new companion.  So our district has also gotten really close! They are all awesome and hilarious.  Like I´m not even kidding you, they´re all really cool but SECRETLY they´re the biggest nerds on planet earth. Seriously they are so passionate about pokemon, dragon ball-z, and Yu Gi Oh.....and they always bond with the latinos over dragon ball z, but It´s fine. hahaha no they´re really cool and funny. All the girls in our district are super close too.  Our district is doing a christmas gift exchange and I have Elder Largent, our District leader. We went shopping today and I got him a sweet harmonica from this music vendor.  ALSO, so on the way back from Utah, grandma and I stopped at Little America, some random restaurant in Nowhere, WY and when we ate there I told the waitress I was going on a mission to Peru. And she was like ´Óh cool, theres a girl that works here who is doing that, I think she´s going to Peru too. So yeah, flash forward to now and one of the hermanas in my district who reported the same day as me said she worked at Little America in Wyoming...I was like ´NO WAY´. This world is so small, even in Soth America.

So last night We had this awesome Christmas lights ceremony where they decorated the CCM with Christmas lights and then lit them up. It was really cool, some of the area seventies were there and it was really awesome. Although it´s like 75 degrees and sunny so it´s easy to forget it´s december....(hehe sorry I had to)
So the CCM is SUCH a bubble. Seriously, it´s so beautifully landscaped and perfect inside and I kid you not there´s always hummingbirds and birds in the fountains. And it´s so tranquil and safe feeling but also a little bit like a prison cell. haha I can´t wait to get out to Iquitos. However, Lima is kind of scary. I´m glad I´m not serving there. The few times we have left, it´s liberating but then you get out to the dirty city with the PSYCHO drivers and it can be a little overwhelming. Seriously mom, you would hate riding in cars here. Absolutely. Feels like you´re gonna die.  But getting out of the beautiful tranquil CCM is like leaving the Garden of eden and venturing into the lone and dreary world.

Also Hna Talbert and I were talking to some Senior Couple who had been to Iquitos recently and she said that Iquitos seems like it is like 30-40 years behind Lima.....and Lima already feels a bit like it´s stuck in the 90´s haha. It´s scary but I´m honestly so excited. She said it might be hard to find deodorant.....
Anyway, our teaching has been a little rocky lately. of course the whole language barrier is pretty hard to break through but also just I´ve felt like we haven´t been prepoerly covering what we need to.  Our teacher Hermano Meza (he is awesome) pulled us aside and talked to us about our concerns. When we told him that we thought we weren't being effective, he directed us to this section in Preach My Gospel where it says that we should teach our investigators not lessons. Yeah I´ve heard that a million times but that's when i realized that if need be, it might take 3 lessons to cover the restoration and that´s OK! And that really helped me and Hermana Talbert. I´m grateful for his guidance and I think it will help us teach more effectively.

I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of us.  I am grateful to be at a point in my life where I can have His spirit with me every minute of the day, and be focused on serving Him and His children.
Well anyway, I love you familia, Hasta Luego!
Hermana Benyo

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