Monday, April 20, 2015

Semana 65 in Moyobamba (April 20th, 2015)

Hey everybody,

SO I really don't have much interesting to say other than that I am tired.  Hermana Tituaña worked our tails off this week, or as the peruvians say 'full chamba''.  Seriously, it was great. And also a little bit depressing, but mostly just fulfilling.
We had interviews with president this week and as always he told me exactly what I needed to hear. He told me not to fret if I don't end up having baptisms here in Moyo but to just keep working and teaching my companion and the other sisters.  So that's really what I'm doing.  He told me that he is 100 percent sure that my transfer here was inspired, and I really feel that too.  So we're gonna keep on keeping on and not get 'trunky' as the missionaries always say.  He told me to just focus ever day on feeling the spirit and working in an inspired way.  
But I feel good. We are seeing small victories, families coming to church, we had a few investigators in church as well. No complaints here.
I feel like I have nothing interesting to say...I spilled my guts in my letter last week so here's a few photos I guess...
Today we're gonna hike the Morro de Calzada...a gigantic mountain that is famous for being a killer climb and has some great views! I'm excited. Pictures to come next week.
Also, super depressed because my memory card got fried and i lost ALL my pictures from my WHOLE mission. I cried a little bit. But at least I've sent home a ton every week.
And oh. my. goodness. Last night as I was reporting our week to my district leader I hear the screams of my companion and go to see whats wrong and I see this MONSTER. LIKE I THOUGHT THE LAST ONE WAS BAD. IT WAS THE SIZE OF MY FACE.  It was so horrible, but my companion is brave and killed it. I hate our house so much because it's right by what they call a ''barranco'' which is like a freaky ravine full of all kinds of scary stuff. But it's all good we're changing houses next week.

Hermana Benyo

 I love my area so much!

We actually don't know where our area ends, this road pretty much goes forever

We actually don't know where our area ends, this road pretty much goes forever

Hermana Tituaña!!

Yes, I do use my bag like a giant fanny pack, Peru is a judgement free zone.

Our Furry Friend

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