Thursday, November 28, 2013

Semana 1

Hola Familia!
I only have a little time to write so this is going to be fast!!
I am having an amazing time here at the CCM! On my flight here I saw BRAD DEVINE on my plane!! YOU HEARD ME. I told him I love his videos and he laughed and said thanks. He was flying to Lima, Peru! like what???
I have been having such a good time here! The gift of tongues is real because I honestly feel like I'm fluent already! I can talk to all the natives in spanish and taught my first lesson and went to the temple and understood pretty much everything in spanish! I know I had a lot of spanish background, but even the people in my district who had zero spanish are prating and testifying in spanish already!!
The spirit is so strong and I know I´m exactly where I need to be!  My companion is Hermana Talbert and I LOVE her! She goes to BYU and we were friends on facebook before and talked, she is the greatest and is such a wonderful example to me, she´s the best!
Today we went to the temple and crammed onto a tiny little clown bus crammed with like a hundred peruvians! Its also scary because pedestrians dont have the right of way here so thats always interesting!  The spirit was so strong in the temple and I definitely received a couple answers to my prayers!
The CCM is seriously paradise and the peruvian food is amazing. We ate this weird fruit called granadin and it tastes like a mix between pomegranates and slugs. haha.
Our latina roommates are so cute and always greet me and Hna Talber by saying "Hi babies!!" I laugh every time. I dont think they realize babies means like infants and isnt used for your friends.
Yester day I got to play soccer with the latinos and it was a great experience...I got owned haha. They call us  "the north americans".  After that we were upstairs in our dorm when the GROUND STARTED RUMBLING. I was so scared!!! Not gonna lie i was freaking out, it was my first earthquake but I guess it was just tremors! Ahhh
Anyways the spirit is so strong and Ill be able to have more time to talk next time! Just know that My testimony is growing exponentially and I am happy here in paradise!!
I love you all!!!
Hermana Benyo

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